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Albion Online Achievements


"Oops"Kill a "Mysterious Stranger" that's on your friends list, in your guild, or in your alliance.
Fully FortifiedEnter a fully upgraded territory that's owned by your guild
Let Yourself InBe in a party that has opened the gate of an enemy territory from within
Hunter ExamComplete your first hunt.
Monster HunterTrack down and kill one of each creature type.
HistorianKill any Colossus in a Randomized Dungeon.
MythologistKill any Titan in a Randomized Dungeon.
Beyond the VeilFollow a Will o' Wisp into the Mists.
City in the MistsFind the lost city of Brecilien.
Friend of WispsGain Accepted status with Brecilien.
Mythical Beasts......and how to kill them.
King of my CastleHelp loot a Castle Chest.
King of the HillHelp loot a Castle Outpost Chest.
Rank Up!Increase your rank in the Crystal Arena.
Silver GladiatorReach Silver I rank in the Crystal Arena.
Cabbage MerchantSell a cabbage to another player in a black zone.
Winner Takes AllOpen an open-world Treasure Chest.
Seasoned Treasure HunterOpen 100 open-world Treasure Chests.
Holy DiverGain 10,000,000 Fame in Static Dungeons.
Dungeon InsiderParticipate in a Static Dungeon Event.
Keep On Rollin'Reroll an item at a Repair Station.
Finishing TouchCreate a Masterpiece item by rerolling it at a Repair Station.
Quality AND QuantityReroll a full stack of 999 items at a Repair Station.
Better than the RestGain your first Elite Level.
Best of the Best of the BestGain all Elite Levels in any combat specialization.
Omae ha mou shindeiru!Kill 5 enemies at once with the after-effect of the Hundred Striking Fists.
Home Sweet HomeSet a Hideout as your Home.
Core WorkoutSuccessfully transport a Power Core to a Hideout.
Capture the Crystal!Successfully transport a Power Crystal to a Territory.
Been Through HellGain 100,000 Infamy in any Hellgate type.
Hell is My HomeGain 250,000 Infamy in any Hellgate type.
I like it...another!Chain 2 lethal Hellgates without returning to the surface.
Neither Demon nor ManChain 5 lethal Hellgates without returning to the surface.
Rip and TearChain 10 lethal Hellgates without returning to the surface.
ConquerorAssist in completely capturing another city's zone in Faction Warfare.
Spring CleaningHelp repel a Bandit Assault.
Invader BanishedDefeat an invading player in a Corrupted Dungeon.
Target DestroyedDefeat another player after invading their Corrupted Dungeon.
On and On, South of AvalonUnlock the Slayer difficulty in Corrupted Dungeons.
Corrupted No MoreDefeat the final boss in a Corrupted Dungeon.
Demon HunterDefeat 100 enemies in Corrupted Dungeons.
ExorcistDefeat 1,000 enemies in Corrupted Dungeons.
Hit the RoadEnter a Road of Avalon.
Far Down the Rabbit HoleEnter a Deep Road of Avalon.
Big Game Hunter in Another WorldDefeat a Guardian in a Road of Avalon.
Get Outta My Way!Defeat 250 Pathfinder Avalonians in the Roads of Avalon.
This Belongs in a MuseumUnlock 10 chests in Elite Randomized Dungeons.
Loot GoblinsUnlock 100 chests in Elite Randomized Dungeons.
Empowered!Receive the buff from the final shrine in an Elite Randomized Dungeon.
In a League of Their OwnKill the following Avalonian bosses in Elite Randomized Dungeons: Knight Captain, Construct, Crystal Basilisk, High Priestess, Archmage.
Bound by His OathKill Sir Bedivere in an Elite Randomized Dungeon.
Crystal NoviceWin a Crystal League Match.
Crystal AdeptWin a Crystal League Match of Rank 3.
Crystal GrandmasterWin a Crystal League Match of Rank 7.
Pull the PlugDefeat the Sentry Mage in an enemy territory.
Blood and SandWin your first Arena match.
GladiatorWin 100 Arena matches.
Lost My Chest-ityUnlock your first chest in any kind of Randomized Dungeon.
Just a trim, please.Unlock any customization option.
Look at my horse, my horse is amazing!Apply any Mount Skin.
Wolf Amongst SheepRide a Direwolf.
Not creepy at all!Inspect 100 players.
SalvagingSalvage an item.
Chug! Chug! Chug!Use any 100 potions.
Like a BossHave 5000 Health at any point in time.
Silver MillionaireHave a character that owns a million silver.
Jack of All TradesUnlock everything on Tier 4.
It's not a phase, mom!Unlock all Tier 4 weapons and offhands.
EmotionalUse every emote in the game.
Beginner CrafterCraft Items worth 10,000 Fame.
Hardworking CrafterCraft Items worth 100,000 Fame.
Industrious CrafterCraft Items worth 1,000,000 Fame.
Work, Work!Craft items worth 10,000,000 Fame.
Studious CrafterStudy an item.
Adept CrafterUnlock any Tier 4 Crafting Profession.
Master CrafterUnlock any Tier 6 Crafting Profession.
Elder CrafterUnlock any Tier 8 Crafting Profession.
Expedition? What's an Expedition?Successfully finish an Expedition.
Expedition VeteranSuccessfully finish every non-hardcore Expedition.
That wasn't so hard...Successfully finish any Hardcore Expedition.
TouristVisit all six Royal Cities.
Highway to HellEnter a Hellgate.
It's dark in here...Enter a black zone.
My Little FarmFarm your first crop.
Seasoned FarmerFarm crops worth 100,000 Fame.
My Epic FarmFarm crops worth 1,000,000 Fame.
Horsin' AroundRaise a horse.
This looks interesting!Gather resources worth 10,000 Fame.
DeterminedGather resources worth 100,000 Fame.
Gathering is not a game! It's war!Gather resources worth 1,000,000 Fame.
Thief: The Gathering ProjectGather any Tier 8 resource in an enemy territory.
Adept GathererUnlock any Tier 4 Gathering Profession.
Master GathererUnlock any Tier 6 Gathering Profession.
Elder GathererUnlock any Tier 8 Gathering Profession.
Fishing for ComplimentsCatch your first fish.
Fishing for More ComplimentsGather fish worth 10,000 Fame.
You're Gonna Need a Bigger BoatGather fish worth 1,000,000 Fame.
My SanctuaryGet your very own island.
My sanctuary. Complete.Upgrade your island to the maximum of 6/6.
My Home is my ShackBuild a house on your island.
My Home is my CastleUpgrade a house on your island to Tier 8.
Shared WorkloadEmploy any kind of Laborer.
Your very own indentured servant!Have a Tier 8 Laborer and send them on a mission.
Happy WorkforceSend a Laborer with maxed-out Happiness on a mission.
More-ganna dieKill 1000 Morgana mobs.
Long Live the King!Kill the Morgana Demon Prince.
RecycleKill 1000 Keeper mobs.
Yo mama is so big...Kill the Keeper Earthmother.
And stay down!Kill 1000 Undead mobs.
Defeating Death ItselfKill the Undead Harvester.
No one expects the Inquisition!Kill 1000 Heretic mobs.
That's a start.Gain 1,000 Fame from killing mobs.
Killing is... fun?Gain 100,000 Fame from killing mobs.
Die, Die, Die My Darling!Gain 10,000,000 Fame from killing mobs.
Critter KillerKill 100 Tier 1 mobs of any kind.
Big Game HunterKill a Guardian Aspect from every biome.
Model CitizenReach maximum reputation.
Harmless PersonReach the first positive reputation level.
Wanted Dead! Not Alive!Reach minimum reputation.
BaddyReach the first negative reputation level.
Welcome to AlbionGet killed by another player.
All Your Base are Belong to UsParticipate in a successful attack on a territory.
First Blood!Kill or assist a kill in PvP.
This. Is. Albion!Kill 300 players in the open world.
M-m-m-monster Kill!Kill 6 players within one minute.
Give me your clothes, your boots and your mount...Loot any armor, foot gear and a mount from a killed player at the same time.
Tonight We Dine in Hell!Defeat a team of enemy players in any type of Hellgate.
More Fun TogetherCreate or join a guild.
Alone No LongerAdd a friend to your friend list.
SmugglerSell any item on the Black Market in Caerleon.
Sold!Sell any item through the Marketplace.
EntrepreneurEarn a total of 100,000 Silver through the Marketplace.
Grand MerchantEarn a total of 1,000,000 Silver through the Marketplace.
TycoonEarn a total of 10,000,000 Silver through the Marketplace.
WE. NEED. YOU.Enlist in any of the six City Factions.
Get off my lawn!Capture an Outpost.
Frontier JusticeCapture 10 Outposts.
Napoleon ComplexCapture 100 Outposts.
New Sheriff in TownDefeat all opposing City Faction Warmasters at least once.
PartisanAchieve a standing of 330,000 to be promoted to the first Prestige Rank.
Safe PassageFinish a Trade Mission for any city.
Turn it up to 11!Overcharge one or more equipped items.
Party Time!Use the Party Finder to form or join a party.
Cast AwayTutorial completed.
Whatever Floats Your BoatFix Captain Tia's ship.
Into the UnknownEnter a Randomized Dungeon.
Tomb RaiderEnter 1,000 Randomized Dungeons.
Seen it AllKill the legendary Morgana Demon General, Keeper Earth Aspirant, Undead Reaper, and Heretic Shadowmask.
My precious!Unlock 10 chests in Solo Randomized Dungeons.
Treasure HunterUnlock 100 chests in Solo Randomized Dungeons.
Mind if I roll need?Unlock 10 chests with your party in Group Randomized Dungeons.
Chest RatUnlock 100 chests with your party in Group Randomized Dungeons.
Crystal League ChroniclesParticipate in a Crystal League Battle.
One Year of ServiceBe part of Albion for one year.