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Albion Online Party Finder Guide

How to Use Party Finder

You can reach the Party Finder screen via the new “Activities” button (former Arena button) in the HUD.

Only party leaders (solo players are also party leaders) are able to use the interface.

Once you have opened the screen, you will see something like this:

Here every party leader has to define their search settings. The first setting you have to decide on is the search mode. There are two search modes: “Join Open Party”or “Search Players” for your party. Finding players lets you create the search by filling the rest of the fields, like choosing an activity, min. IP, max. group size and a description text.

On top of that there is a special function for guilds and alliances: you can restrict applications for your party to parties whose leaders are in your Guild or Alliance. You can use that to quickly assemble a party that people can join without having to invite every single one of them and instead spend more time in the open world.

If you’re choosing the “Search Players” mode, you will also be able to decide if players that used the “Join Open Party” mode and see your party entry will be able to automatically join you or if they have to apply to your party first. If you leave Auto Accept disabled you’ll have a chance to review each application before you decide which players you want to take into your party.

Upon submitting your search, there are a few things that happen:

1. All players in your party will be able to see a menu on the side where they should select possible roles they can fill.

These roles are filled by default with the role that each player in your party has chosen before you signed up with the Party Finder (Nimue also introduces the role icons you might know from Expeditions/Arena in the open world).

2. At the moment you submit your search, all the gear and the corresponding IP of all your current party members are saved for the tool.

Other players who use the “Find Open Party” search mode will then be able to see your party (like an open lobby) and check all its details, including the gear the players were wearing at the time you submitted the search.

3. A new screen appears for the party leader:

This screen changes depending on your search mode. In this case, we’re looking at a “Search players” request.

Here you can see your own party and the settings you chose in the initial setup screen. If you want to change these settings, you can go back to the (now visible) first tab. This will cause your party to create a new search, however (meaning applications will get lost and your gear will get updated, players might have to choose roles again, etc.).

You can click a party entry to expand it and see more details about the party (including your own). This will look like this:

As you can see, you can get details about each player’s name, their IP, and the roles they’ve chosen.

Clicking on the button next to a player’s name will allow you to open their stats or whisper to them.

Pressing the IP button will look like this:

You can see the player’s gear that was snapshotted at the time of registration for the Party Finder, just as you could when inspecting the player.

Now if you don’t want to create your own search and would rather just join another party, the screen is gonna look similar, but with some important differences.

You can see the formerly inactive buttons are now active and work as filters for your search. By default they use the values you chose in the initial setup, but you can adjust them to your liking.

You can also see the parties that are willing to take additional players in the section “Other Parties”. As before you can check all the details for all parties before you decide to apply with the button on the right. The ? Icon may still be changed.

Once you have applied, your party will be seen as an entry for the party that opened the search and will have to decide to either accept or deny your application:

Once accepted, all members of the applying party will be transferred to the accepting party.

Have a good party!